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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Virtual Number?

A virtual number is a telephone number without a directly-associated phone line. Usually these numbers are programmed to be forwards incoming calls to one of the pre-set telephone numbers chosen by the client, fixed, mobile or voice over IP.

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What will my callers hear when they dial my Virtual Number?

Calls are connected very quickly. The caller will hear normal call processing as with any other call they may make.

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How Do I Pay for the DID?

The payment is done via Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Paypal, Western Union, Wire Transfer, Express Union or Express Exchange. Learn more here

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How to buy a Virtual Private Number (DID) at GlobexCamCalls

To buy a Virtual Private Number (DID), please follow this instructions.

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How much I will pay for call forwarding?

Call Forwarding Service has different rates for different countries' phone numbers. Furthermore, the rates vary on the virtual number that you choose. Please visit our rates for complete rate plans.

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How can I make sure that my virtual telephone number will always get automatically renewed?

You have to make sure that you always have sufficient credit on your account. The easiest way is to create a subscription via PayPal or Credit card. This way you won't have to worry about adding credit to your account all the time. Don't worry, subscriptions can be cancelled anytime in the customer area.

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Do I Have to Renew my Virtual Number Every Month?

You may purchase services for a period of 1, 3, 6, 12 or 24 months. In addition, there is an “auto-renew” option that facilitates the automatically renewal of the selected service. You will be sent an email prior to the expiry of a Virtual Number subscription period or when automatic renewals have been performed

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Are the virtual phone numbers exclusive?

Yes. The phone numbers services that GlobexCamCalls offers assigned to your account is unique and does not require your callers to enter an extension number. It is your dedicated and private phone number for your use and distribution. Virtual Number will help you to: Save money, increase your business, save on roaming and protect your privacy.

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Can I Buy Additional Channels for my Virtual (DID) Number?

All DIDs are provided with two dedicated (non-shared) channels. Additional channels may be purchased as required, depending on the country in which the local telephone number has been procured. For requests regarding additional channel, please contact our sales departament.

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Can I forward my new international virtual number to GTALK for FREE?

Yes you can forward your new international virtual number to gTalk for FREE. Download gTalk client here:  http://dl.google.com/googletalk/googletalk-setup.exe

  You can also forward it to LinPhone or a Voip provider for FREE, all you'll pay is the virtual number.

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Do you have local Virtual Numbers in my area?

We offer the service in more then 65 countries. See the full list of our Virtual Number coverage

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Can I Make Outgoing Calls From GlobexCamCalls Virtual Number?

YES! You can make outgoing calls using our FREE PBX system.

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Can I Pick any Virtual Number that I Want?

All numbers are automatically assigned to the customer's account by our system. Therefore, it is not possible for customers to choose their local numbers. If you will like to choose your number(s) from a list of numbers please contact us. NOTE that we charge for this option.

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Can I receive calls on wireless/mobile phones?

Yes! Whether you are working from your home office or on the road,we are able to send calls to you wherever you are.

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Can I Send or Receive SMS with GlobexCamCalls Virtual Number?

No, GlobexCamCalls provide numbers for inbound calls only.

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Can I Use GlobexCamCalls Numbers for Receiving Faxes?

Unfortunately, the Virtual (DID) Numbers do not support fax usage.

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Can I use your DID service for callback system?

Yes, it is possible. Just note, that you may be asked to purchase additional channels and assign them to your DID used for callback service.

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Does Call Forwarding to Skype Voicemail Work?

Currently GlobexCamCalls does not support call forwarding to Skype Voicemail with its Virtual numbers.

Customers can use our voicemail (no extra charge).

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Does GlobexCamCalls Support IAX?

Yes, GlobexCamCalls support forwarding to IAX. In our regular forwarding options, IAX protocol is available as well. So you will need to choose this protocol when buying your DID (or at later point) and forward to your IP address.

On your platform you may need to configure trunks with the following details: Learn how to configure IAX with GlobexCamCalls IP Addresses.

And make sure your platform is not blocking these IPs: List of GlobexCamCalls IP Addresses

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Forwarding to GTALK not working?

If you want to use Gtalk, you should add [email protected] and [email protected] users to your contact list and it must show online.

Download gTalk client here: http://dl.google.com/googletalk/googletalk-setup.exe

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