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How Virtual Phone Number (DID) Works

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1) Choose a Country and City

   This will be your own unique phone number
   It can be from over 700 different cities worldwide
   No restrictions on how long you can own the number
   You can also choose to port in a phone number
   No PINS or access numbers- just call the number directly

2) Forward Your New Virtual Phone Number Anywhere 

   Forward your new Virtual Number to Gtalk, any VoIP solution, any SIP, H.323 or IAX destination for free
   You can change the forwarding details anytime for free
   You may also choose to forward your Virtual Phone Number to a regular landline or mobile phone


3) Start Saving on International Callstelephone ringing - Virtual Phone Numbers DID

  • Start recieving calls from your International friends, family or customers
  • Buy your friends or family a (local to you) GlobexCamCalls Number so you can call them
  • Use the Skype app on iPhone or Andorid to receive calls



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