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About GlobexCamCalls (Virtual Telephone Number Provider)

GlobexCamCalls is a leading provider for the people who want to enjoy quality phone service at affordable prices.
Our portfolio of operations includes: phone, mobile and email communications.
We are offering numbers in more than 65 countries. GlobexCamCalls is one of the most affordable call forwarding services in the world. We have secured phone numbers in most countries in the world. The numbers listed on our web site are fully operational and ready to work for you immediately.
With a single phone number and an easy-to-use online control center, GlobexCamCalls's system specifically meets the needs of small businesses and mobile professionals.

Each service offers a specialized approach to a specific communications requirement. Major corporations count on us as a single touch point for their international telecom service needs. We keep thousands of employees in contact with millions of customers, clients and partners, no matter where in the world they reside or work.

GlobexCamCalls is:

  • A broadband telephone company that provides you with virtual local, long distance, or international telephone numbers
  • The convenient way to save on roaming charges.
  • The convenient way to save on your international phone calls charges.
  • No long-term contracts
  • Instant activation

Cost Effective

  • Save as much as 80% on international rates
  • Unlimited flat-rate plans
  • FREE incoming calls
  • Option for charge per-minute.
  • Free forwarding to VoIP, MSN, Google talk and Skype


  • No complicated dialing patterns, dial the local number and you will be connected instantly.
  • Take your phone number(s) with you. With GlobexCamCalls Connect you can forward your calls seamlessly to your GlobexCamCalls international number.
  • Avoid the expensive international roaming prices from your cell phone company.

Thank you for your interest in GlobexCamCalls.

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